Virtual Classes + Workshops

MAY 2021

Social Media Strategy Workshop: Sunday, May 23 at 12:30pm ET (8 spots)

Pattern Writing Workshop: Sunday, May 30 at 12:30pm ET (8 spots)

All classes are held live on Zoom for face to face instruction and class sizes are kept small so that you can ask more questions, interact with each other and get the MOST out of each class and workshop! Classes cover a variety of topics including how to write crochet patterns and how to market your handmade business on social media! I am so excited about this new journey for Pink Sheep Design and hope you will join in!


Classes & Workshop Topics Offered

WORKSHOP for Crocheters: How to Write Crochet Patterns!

3 hour workshop!!! *Includes my Pattern Maker’s Workbook*

Maybe you’ve always wanted to break into writing crochet patterns and just aren’t sure where to start… or maybe you’ve written a few but feel like you could take them up a notch… In this class you will learn how to take a crochet pattern from an idea or basic notes to a ready to sell pattern! Learn what details to include, how to structure your pattern, how to find testers, how to take helpful images, how to stay on task and get your pattern finished and released on a viable timeline. My classes are Live and Face to face on Zoom which allows more interaction and the ability to have your questions answered! I also keep these class sizes small to ensure you get the most out of the class!

I began my adventures into writing crochet patterns a few years ago and realized it was actually a great way to make extra money (if you’re willing to put in the effort up front!). Recently I decided I wanted to help others make the jump into writing patterns and created my Pattern Writers Workbook and now, I’ve decided to start teaching classes & workshops on how to start writing patterns from start to finish!! So, if you’re interested in some face to face instruction–instead of combing through endless blog posts, YouTube videos or “free downloads” be sure to grab your spot today!

WORKSHOP for Crafters: Craft Show Success!

1.5 hour class/workshop plus access to my Craft Show Checklist!

Learn the in’s and out’s of attending craft shows including that to bring, how to make more money and how to better connect with your customers and set yourself up for continued success even after the craft show is over!

For 3 years I attended 10-12 craft shows every single fall/winter season and learned so very much about how to be even more successful at shows through trial and error. Attending local craft shows is a fantastic way to make money, grow your clientele and create local buzz about your brand! It also allows you to get to know and get involved with your local arts community which can open even more doors for you and your business! But the success part takes work! Since I can no longer create enough product to attend shows regularly due to arthritis, I’ve decided it’s time for me to help others make the jump into craft shows or improve their success overall!

WORKSHOP for Crafters: Creating A Stress-Free Social Media Strategy!

2 hour Workshop | Social Media workshop!

Last year I was hired on as a full time social media specialist for a large non-profit photography organization. Using my newly learned skills I was able to not only grow the accounts & engagement of that organization, I was also better able to connect with my own followers on my personal crochet IG account (Pink Sheep Design)! I will help you understand how to create a stress-free social media strategy including:

  • How to come up with a list of captions easily and store them for quick use
  • How to take more and better photos without stressing out about content
  • How to be more consistent on your accounts while spending LESS time on them
  • How to build a more engaged audience (without paying for ads or followers)
  • How to optimize your social media accounts so that it is easier for people to find and interact with you!

I have learned so much over the last few years through trial and error. I’ve decided it’s time for me to help others become more successful (and less stressed out) about running social media accounts for their small businesses!


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