FREE Beginner Crochet Scarf Pattern: The Popover Scarf!


I have decided to start writing up a few of my patterns and since this one is so unbelievably simple, I decided to provide it for free! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the pattern or the materials used to make it!

For this pattern you will need the following:

Two skeins of a bulky weight yarn like Lionbrand Yarn’s Hometown USA or Wool ease thick and quick. I find that ordering online can be the cheapest for these unless you happen to have a Walmart nearby that sells yarn!

A large crochet hook (I have used both a size Q19 and a 20 for this project)

A large needle for weaving in ends


Ch – Chain

HDC – Half Double Crochet


Make your slip knot and ch 34 stitches. I have played around with this and have done as few as 32 and as many as 36 but I like the look of the width more at 34!

Join your work (this piece will be worked in the round. Be careful not to twist your work when joining.

Row 1: Ch one, HDC into the first ch (same one that you joined into), HDC in each stitch all the way around. Join your work. Keep in mind that when you go to join, you will be joining into the third chain from your hook (into the first HDC, not into the ch one space).

Row 2-19: repeat row 1!!!

You will join at the end and then tie off and weave in your ends!

Since I do not believe that weaving in ends is enough to keep your work lasting a long time without coming unwoven, I weave them a few rows into the work, use the needle to split the yarn in half, weave one end under another stitch and then tie the two halves together in a double or triple knot and then snip the ends off close to the knot.

Happy crocheting!!!


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