Warm Wool Popover now listed in Neutral Earthy Tones!

This beautiful color caught my eye along with all of the new “jewel tones” (as I like to call them) from Lion Brand Yarn. This color truly feels like it will pair beautifully with any color in your wardrobe this winter and even into early spring. I created these popover style scarves to fit a niche in the market that I felt was unfilled.

Most cowl style scarves are either stitched too loosely or hang too low on the neck to provide warmth- think wind whistling through the yarn right onto your neck…brr! These popover cowls are designed to stay close to the neck and are crocheted tightly enough to block out those pesky gusts of wind during the fall and winter months. The wool blend popovers allows for more warmth than their 100% acrylic counterparts but are still soft and cozy – unlike much of the basic 100% wool yarns that can be scratchy and rough.

I will be sharing my basic cowl pattern sometime this month so stay tuned! It is a perfect beginner design if you are looking to begin your adventures into the wonderful world of crocheting! If anyone lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area and is looking for crocheting lessons for themselves or their children please feel free to contact me anytime on this website or via my shop!



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