My Grandfather’s Scarf

While perusing one of my favorite websites, Purl Soho, I came across a beautiful herringbone scarf pattern.  Although I am not sure if I would ever be able t afford the yarn kits that they sell on their site, their patterns are free and inspiringly beautiful. I was not sure who I would be making it for but I knew that it wold make a beautiful men’s scarf and chose a wool blend in a rustic woody brown in my favorite wool-ease thick and quick by Lion Brand Yarn.

I have always hated following patterns and looking back on this project, I am honestly not sure what I ended up doing considering the pattern I linked to is NOT what I ended up with. Most of the time I will find a pattern that I like and then still find a way to do things my way. This creative freedom that I allow myself used to drive my teachers and instructors, not to mention my parents a little crazy but since I have not changed over the years, I have decided to embrace it.

Although I usually prefer to crochet over knitting, I believe that there are so many beautiful stitches you can create using knitting that just CANNOT be emulated with a crochet hook, my favorite being seed stitch. This piece took about 5 skeins of Wool-ease thick and quick in Sequoia and I honestly have no idea how many hours of knitting time. Since the stitch is more complicated, I was stuck reading the pattern over and over until I memorized the rows, after that the project went a little faster. Considering that my popover and infinity scarves can be made in an afternoon or less, you can see how projects like these can feel as though they are taking me an eternity to complete and by the end I realize that there is NO way I will be able to put a price on the piece that would ever seem fair. At that point I knew it would most likely end up as a gift for someone, but who? I wanted to ensure that whoever received this piece as a gift was sure to wear it, which means they would have to like the warmth and feel of wool and potentially live somewhere that got cold enough t wear it. I held onto the scarf for about a year until this Christmas came around. I thought about giving it to my brother in law… He and his wife live in Florida but travel often to places like New York. I also thought about my Dad, I knew that I wanted to make him a scarf for Christmas this year whether he got this particular one or not. Stumped, I allowed myself time to think about the dilemma.

Finally it hit me, I remembered my grandmother saying that my grandfather was just going to get me to knit him a wool sweater because he could not see to find good ones anymore. I remembered laughing and telling my grandmother that I had no desire t make an entire sweater, as I knew I was WAY too impatient to do something like that but I COULD knit him a scarf!!! I knew he prefered wool and since he worked in the archives of a university library, he often got cold even in the warmer months! At that point I knew I had made up my mind, the scarf was meant for Pop….

I got to see my grandparents right after Christmas this year and was there when they opened their gifts and Pop loved the scarf, it truly was meant for him whether I realized it right away or not! Things sure do work themselves out in intersting ways don’t they?


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